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A friend asked me ” what’s this LOVE TALKS thing about?” Well, truth to tell, I don’t know! I have no idea where these things come from, or what’s going to happen. It’s strange and a little frustrating to experience this total disinclination to get involved with anything other than what’s happening now. Of course, there’s the mind’s ideas about what should or should not be happening , but they pass, dissolve into this moment…sometimes immediately, sometimes they linger a little longer… Fast or slow, the fog of the mind keeps clearing, and one is left in this mindless here/now…without a plan!

Nissargadatta once said: “the mind needs a center to draw a circle.” Being centerless takes some getting used to! So we’ll see what happens when and if …It’s kinda like the book FADING IN THE LIGHT: it presented itself as a vague notion about aging and nonduality eight months ago or so, took innitially three weeks to write, and months to expand, edit and produce, yet all along I had no idea what was forming out of the formless. I simply went along. Ditto this Blog, of which I had no idea before it happened. And now, here comes the invitation to “LOVE TALKS”!

“Welcome to “LOVE TALKS”…A FRIENDLY, NONDUAL FORUM TO EXPLORE LOVE IN EVERYDAY AWARE LIVING. Would you like to share this aware love that you are, perhaps in a small, informal, teacherless, San Francisco Bay Area gathering? Please see and email me at…etc.”

So here we go again, with an action that has no reason other than a kind of felt need of love to express itself. I don’t “go figure” this stuff too much now…it’s like being saddled on a unbroken, unbridled horse called Spirit. Spirit leads, I follow, hangin’ on…kinda like that! But I wonder and am curious about what’ll happen next..(but not really)

It all comes down to trust, doesn’t it?…and love! It seems this trust and love is what we’re left with when fear falls away.

While reason is still tracking down the secret,
you end your quest on the open field of love.

~ Sanai

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