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Why I write.

There is within,
an urge urging to release
the confined meaning of words
and ceaseless sighing.
To free “freedom”
from speculations
about what it is.

To explore that sadness of failure,
that false gladness,
that self-identity you’ve worked
so longingly to construct,
that fabrication of what
real pleasure might be,
that self-image so heavy
long in its maintenance.

And to truly see
that mind is just
And thought is
ideas we believe about reality.

Love is what remains
when belief
falls away.
Truth is what remains
when falseness
falls away.
Peace is what remains
when struggle falls away.

Where friends meet.

This side,
in the cage of the minds
the known is treaded,
treaded worn and bare by
minds’ manufactured
ideas of reality

The other side
where friends truly meet,
is all possibility,
all potential
All love flowing into a strangness
of open unknowing
strong as nature,
a force untouched
by senses and mind.

Both sides are one
source in its many splendored
winged, footed and rooted.
All you are
they are.
They are
all you are.
Inside and out
the universe is u.

Love leads

Love leads, I follow
stepping in and out of the drama,
dancing into and out of this world.
Still, Nothing moves.

Simple truth

You always live here,
Might as well agree
There’s nothing else to do
but simply be.

This place called home

I wandered the world
searching for the sacred
only to return
to my heart.
Now, wondering, stepping
out of that conflict like a refugee
I find this spacious
sanctuary of Self
enfolding, engulfing,

endlessly loving

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