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Mind – a beautiful tool

28/   nondual advaita  “ We confuse the world as it is with the world as it is thought  about, talked about and figured about –the world as it is discribed.”                                                 Allen Watts      The Germans have a word for it –a  “hintegedanka”. The word is a hint about something we all relate to, if only […]

Our First Nature

3/    Lately, I’ve been hanging out at the corner of 62nd and College watching  life like a mountain stream  flowing by bearing  passing greetings with the autumn leaves. And there’s the occasional friendly meeting too, where a bunch of us get caught in a swirling backwater  for a few moments, circling in convivial chatter. We […]

Love and never parting.

To our dear friend, Giovanni Puglia, to your heart and joy in living; curiousity and earnestness in relationship, friend: Thankyou for your generousity, your kindness, your laugh. I want to say ” your life” but we know this life was never personally “ours”. It has, and will always belong to love.  Infinite, beautiful, living love. Gio, thankyou […]

Todays Nonduality TRUTH TICKLERS! :>)

#5  11/23/10 Our thought about objects in awareness creates our world – our personal “reality.” For instance, cats don’t know they’re cats!  We think they are “cats”, they fit our description of them, and  the clever critters don’t argue with our projections! :>) Reality is really, really, thoughtless, until, as children, we become thoughtful! Then […]


        Todays Truth Ticklers! #1    11/17/10  Only Truth really, really always feels good and makes us happy, like warm cookies!                             :>) Our personal doing is always too late in its’ effort to correct and control what is already done!  Let go, let be and live!                             :>) Look around!  All of nature is […]

NONDUALITY AND LIVING – finding our feet!

Dancing this dance! Nonduality Living  is a celebration, a stepping into life; a movement  in the truth of what we are. It’s an experience of  life touching life, a dance into Unknowing that  always  keeps us on our toes, finding our  feet!  That is the dance! Dancing this Dance introduces us to the whole body, mind and heart of our Being. Like any dance, Being  […]

Crashing Through Dreams

I’ve had vertigo all my life –ever since I was dropped off here. It’s a strange kind of fear of heights, this fear of falling. It gives me sweaty palms just to think about it. I cringe when I reflect on all that losing, all that slipping, all that disappearing. One by one –and rarely […]

ABOUT NONDUALITY: this constant craving

  I had a thought when I was three Since then I’ve been dreaming I was me. Nonduality is a kind of revelation of the obvious. A simple resonate knowing of the substance of this that we are.  By words like wholeness, realness, hereness, we attempt to give it context and understanding but immediately fail […]

Illusioneering: Who Says You Have A Problem?

October 07, 2010 | James | Comments 0    18/    We live in a kind of  “underlife” in the shadows of what neuroscience recognizes as six basic emotions: anger, disgust, fear, sadness, surprise. Oh yes, and joy!  That’s  the one that, (like the other five that also come and go) keeps that other five from […]

Living and Dying in Time

  Just as we cannot talk of old age before living it – it’s too early – we cannot talk of death before dying it – it’s too late! This much can be said in advance of both: we will age and die as we lived, just as in traveling, the next village will be […]