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 As very young children we are told bedtime stories. Even if  our parents never actually read stories to us. We take in  all of our life-story at the nipple of life, so to speak. And  what we are fed adds not only flesh to our bones, but ideas to our head.  From birth right up […]


“ If useless things do not hang in your mind, every season is a good season for you.”   Murnon                                                                                                                    The writer John Updike once said: “ The writer of fiction, a professional liar, is paradoxically obsessed with what is true –what feels true, what rings true in the fabrication being assembled “.  In other words, […]


   The other day, I heard a New York Times Best Selling author say that, having written some thirteen novels, he realized that words were not important; that “it’s all about the story”. In my writing, I show little taste for “the story” and only so much sweetening in words as it takes to wash […]


You are nothing but real, whole and happy already! Everything  you thought you were is all illusion. All thought by no-one, about no-one. This no-one that you are is also everyone. You are the whole of everyone and everything – All  that is experienced All that is known All that is unknown All that is […]