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Dancing to the music: INSIDE THIS LIFE WE’RE LIVING

First, a letter concerning a discussion I had about Alzheimer’s with Dr. David Hilfiker over at He’s been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and he’s blogging bravely with first-hand reports from the inside, so to speak, titled “Watching the Lights Go Out.” That resonated with me in light of my own adventure in reporting the inside […]

Part Nine: LIVING HERE – The Invention of Me and You.

Ah, the Great Assumption! The self-sense of being a critter called “me” and “you”, is a fiction – a story invented with a learned language of symbols and images about reality contrived by mind and supported by feelings like fear and hope. Psychological fear is a man-made invention of course, and not to be confused […]

Part Eight: LIVING HERE:Not The Life I Planned.

Growing up in the Age of Plastics, i.e. the 1960’s and 70’s, in an old fashioned English–from–England speaking household in Canada, we boys learned a word that used to be common but is rarely used these days: “shall”. Now “shall” was the proper way to refer to a contemplated action in the future. So, sitting […]

Part Seven: LIVING HERE: Leaving the Island

The Island is called “Terra Cognito” – Latin for “known territory“, and the name pretty much describes how our habitual self takes up residence with its repetitive, reassuring and therefore safe, routines for daily living. The island is an insane little place where we live on a very limited diet surrounded by an ocean of […]