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[ saying yes to what is, dept. ]

Seems in aware living we’re always saying “yes” to life as it happens. Part of that welcoming arises from the recognition of our true self as being nothing in particular and everything in general – the whole – both empty and full, so to speak. Indeed, in aware living there’s living paradox.There’s a basic understanding: […]

[ never mind, dept. ]

There’s no need to stop thought. Let the brain chatter as it will – it has to move and you cannot control thoughts. There’s no need, just never mind them – if you don’t resist they won’t persist. Lovingly, non-judgmentally, watch like you’re a welcoming hotel hostwatching the lobby traffic coming and going through revolving […]

[ finding the goodness in life, dept. ]

Indeed, I just gratefully found this pix and was deeply reminded of the innate ‘compassion’ in all of nature, in all of our self. Beauty – like love, is not limited – it manifests itself indiscriminately, freely, fully, unconditionally. When we look from love, we see it all the time, yes 🙂

[ truth is healing, dept. ]

By way of exploring our own experience, I’d like to share the following ‘daily delight’s’ from my notes that I’ve picked up this week like light-trapping gems and sent to myself by e-mail for further reflection..Perhaps they’re a little inspiring for you too, for easing the conflicted head and the wounded heart with the balm […]

[ the known filters the unknown, dept. ]

“Who knows?” That’s the Big Question that often arises in our mind about reality and what’s happening now, in it, so to speak. The answer may lie in the way in which The question is approached ie via the mind or via empty awareness.The ‘active present’ as J Krishnamurt called it, cannot be perceived or […]

[ the sight of a miracle, dept. ]

What is it that delights in small things, in the mysteries that present themselves when we are deeply, vulnerably, appreciative? When we’re startled by the suddenness of beauty, intelligence, fact and miracle, known and unknown? – all of which combine to explode the mind’s walling limitations, the heart’s superficial sentimentalities, to shatter the ‘need to […]

[ innercasting: absent belief, love remains, dept. ]

Wouldn’t it be nice just to rest in not knowing and in not needing to know; in not needing to be someone we imagine that really knows? Real understanding is found only in self-knowing – in recognizing our abiding awareness. In an innercasting of our attention – instead of seeking ‘outside’ for happiness, we stop […]