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[ bottom lines, dept. ]

Belief shapes experience. Opinions bar understanding. Fear avoids knowing itself. Courage lies in not knowing. Peace lies in not needing. Joy abides in aware attention. Grace abounds in self-knowing. Acting from love is harmless. At bottom: be still, rest here, enjoy your Self. 🙂

[ if you can’t recall the writer, you can still recall the tune, dept. ]

This, from one of the great wonderers of the world – Albert Einstein – was slipped under my e-door this morning:“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”Indeed, and let’s add a little grace note here on the ‘direction’ we may also be well advised to look: Look deep into your inner […]

[ the texture of life, dept. ]

The other day, in passing by an I-phone-engaged couple wandering remotely together in a store, I was particularly ‘touched’ to hear Elton John singing his Rocket Man as he’s circling the brilliant blue earth below:“Some things look better just passing through… And I think it’s gonna be a long, long time‘Til touchdown brings me ’round […]

[ living here beautifully, with all the noise, dept. ]

It’s raining and the tree branches are elegantly waving and bobbing and bidding me to join them outside my window as I sit here in the old wingback chair simply watching the various comings and goings – the ‘experiencing’ – of life and living while writing this little missive to myself. It’s a vague urge […]