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[ fear and loathing is a belief, dept. ]

The root of all allusion, delusion and confusion is belief. To ‘believe’ requires a believer; a ‘someone’ conceptually, theoretically separated out only by the conditioned mind; a somebody that describes and comes to believe its own conceptual imaginings – it’s castings of good/bad, right/wrong, define and confine almost all of our daily experience. Mind gets […]

[ love comes knocking, dept. ]

What a year yes. Beautiful, and.. not so much. But still, through storm and flood, thunder and blood, there’s always been the candles, those little lights of love. Often, even in the pictures and reports of disaster and despair, if we look closely with love, we may also see love in action. We need look […]

[ reality surprises, dept. ]

Take your selfie out of the picture and you’ll really be surprised.Real freedom lies in non-resistance to whatever is actually happening in your experience, now. Really. πŸ™‚ ~ To us, the known is very important. That is the only thing we have. The known being my memories, my knowledge, my experiences, my tradition, my house. […]

[ a peace close to home, dept. ]

To find the nearest war – and peace – all we need to do is sit home, turn off, tune in and watch the parade in our mind. After all, it’s the mind that produces all conflict, that makes war and, when not burdened with belief, rests in peace. WE LIVE IN NATURAL PEACE ONLY […]