(3/3) NATURAL WELL-BEING: A Constant Resting, Wholly Here.

July 01, 2018 | | Comments 0

There is a certain ease and all-embracing acceptance in natural well-being. This does not mean a kind of constant comfort – although we may find refuge and solace in dwelling in awareness. Awareness is like a still pond over which the various breezes and storm winds of the body/mind pass from time to time. They come and they go in the welcoming presence of our natural beingness. This presence is our first nature which contains and reflects our second, human nature. Of course we’re using words to delineate and point to the wordless reality of who we are and what this is. So rather than take these words into our mind as knowledge to be believed or not believed, we may recognize that our natural well-being is not conceptual in its nature. It is beyond –way beyond – our body/mind comprehension. Our spiritual nature listens not with the mind but with a kind of deep infinite knowing or intuition. Again, this knowing has no dimensional qualities – it cannot be described, measured, or otherwise ascertained.

Our natural well-being resides wholly in uncertainty.

Uncertainty is the nature of all life –there is no control and nobody controlling. Life moves in unknown and uncertain ways, sometimes guessed and most often missed; at once changing and changeless. We see that everything we think we know about what’s going on, is not true because fragmentary and not complete. While we cannot describe this natural well-being, we can suggest it with phrases such as the following:

Truth is what remains when falseness falls away.

Reality is what remains when imagination falls away.

Love is what remains when fear falls away.

And let’s add one more insight we also, already, know:

Peace is what remains when struggle falls away.

Natural well-being – enjoying what we are! – is what remains when all the above ideas about it fall away. 🙂

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