(33) LIVING HERE: Ripples in Time

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These ripples are dewdrops in time and space,
related, concentric, connected, all One.
From many directions these whispered words blow
a breath of the unknown on the surface of what we think we know:

Life dances in circles, languid, liquid lap, lap, lapping…lap, lap, lapping…laughing, laughing…

Sacred Center by Carlos Grasso

Sacred Center by Carlos Grasso

*To die is to trans-port – to be transported;
to remain in our unborn nature as pure spirit;
to enter fully into the portal of our being.

*In your long or short life, you may have bought or even owned, but you’ve only really ever rented.

*Be happy – let the real situation you’re in propose its (required and inevitable) response.

*A small residue – a few harmless beliefs – seems to be normal in aware living.

*Aware living involves a winding down of the dynamo of belief in conceptual ideas as reality.

*Grace may be found in peace. To live in real peace, one must be less drawn into everyday dramas – stories that overwhelm and distort our gentle, undramatic nature.

Graceful living is inclined toward the subtle, the obvious, the relevant, the real.

*Happiness happens when we don’t think there’s any other place we’d rather be.

*“Be a light unto yourself.” J. Krishnamurti

*To really see yourself, look with your inner eyes – not with ideas.

Earth, 15th. century,  France

Earth, 15th. century, France

Did you ever…

*​Did you ever walk into a great big store
and wonder what you’re looking for?​

Did you ever walk out an unlocked door
and wonder why you didn’t do it before?

Did you ever let go your grip on pain?
and wonder why you’re doing that again?

Did you ever see things in a brand new light,
and ask some friends if they think it’s alright?

Did you ever walk the line without a net,
step into tomorrow without regret?

Did you ever reach out but never touch,
was it real love you wanted so much?

Did you ever look for something you never lost?
Can you give up the fight for peace whatever the cost?

Did you ever surrender, let go and live?
Did you ever just love, let go and give?

There’s more to you than what appears to be true,
There’s more to discover, to enjoy and be
That’s the wonder of you
and the wonder of me.

​Did you ever see the sun in a drop of honey?
Did you ever explore what you came here for?
What a wonder it is just to be,
what a wonder it is just to be free.

That’s the wonder of you
and the wonder of me.

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