(37) LIVING HERE: Today’s Ripples…non-tweets from the Redwoods

May 01, 2015 | | Comments 0
Art by Colin Lambert,  sculptor and friend. Rest In Peace

Art by Colin Lambert, sculptor and friend. Rest In Peace

I just returned from a hike in the majestic Redwoods north of San Francisco. A smiling hiker paused as he passed me, and said: “these Redwoods sure take you to church, don’t they?” Indeed! And while I don’t send Tweets (I am a fan of twitters along the path!) I sometimes take little notes. I’m moved to share a few inspirations here that presented themselves as I wandered along the sun dappled “Pioneer Trail” today:

* In aware living, we don’t get to keep much – to grasp…rather, every sensation and thought is allowed to gently pass without attachment…to dissolve in wonder.

* Real devotion is founded not on belief but in trust.

* In inseparable matters relating to the preservation of our environment and all life on this planet, perhaps we would be well served by asking (and answering) two simple questions: “Is what we’re doing sustainable?” and, when it comes to our own consumption of basics like food, clothing and shelter: “how much is enough?”

* The root of contentment is sufficiency.

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