(41) LIVING HERE: Ripples and the grace to grow

May 12, 2015 | | Comments 0
To grow, to pass on through, is life.

To grow, to pass on, is life.

* It is necessary to not only grow, but to outgrow. (Vedanta)

* We grow by tending and feeding new shoots, not by maintaining old growth.

* It’s often useful not to repeat and therefore sustain, life’s experiences, but to do lots of things once and move on.

* Repetition strengthens conditioning and produces reactionary patterns from “desires” that seem to offer us security; spontaneous, choiceless action is harmonious with the edgy rhythm of life – we dwell in our natural well-being which is vital, alive, free.

* In aware living, there’s not a living in conditioning as before, but a living with conditioning.

*“What we really desire is to be desireless.” (Jean Klein)

* To be desireless is to live with abundance, gracefully.

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