(43) LIVING HERE: What words say and don’t say

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* We often use words to disguise our fear, to hide our ignorance, to pretend to know something…words become beliefs we mistake for reality…we forget that words are symbols that re-present; they tell us about reality.

* When believed, words form a mind-made experience of a “world” chock full of conflicts and the need to navigate through, and otherwise resolve, the contradictions they propose.

* What is called “beginners luck” is the freedom of the beginner from believing ideas about himself” (Jean Klein)

* When we’re open, listening, we may bypass the conditioned mind chatter and see without those word-labels that otherwise prejudge and predetermine a personal experience.

* Words can be powerful pointers: In 1573, one Francisco de Holanda, referred to the inspired art of his life long friend Michelangelo with a beautiful Latin phrase that was used on his tomb: “FIAT LUX”…”Let there be light”.

* Ah, another lovely ancient Latin word: “Pronoia” – here the universe is not perceived as threatening as in “paranoia.” In pronoia, life is recognized to be completely, already, fulfilled and supportive of itself. Perhaps real life is – dare we say – a play without words…

*The nature of spirit:

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