(44) LIVING HERE: From Understanding to Innerstanding

June 01, 2015 | | Comments 0


* The mind maintains itself though opposition, comparison, division…we’re systematically educated to “compare and contrast” things to demonstrate not so much understanding as “knowledge.”

* Real understanding is not cerebral or emotional which is the domain of the ego; it is impersonal, universal, true perception that is supra-sensual, supra-mental.

* We don’t learn to understand; we listen to understand.

* We don’t try to understand; understanding happens when we engage in life with an authentic and universally common interest that is not limited by self-interest, by me-centric world views.

* If we really want to live with understanding, it’s vital to be interested in going with the flow of life as it presents itself moment to moment.

* “Very often, the truth, the deepest truth, can only be expressed through paradox…not through some neat, logical statement that says this is how it is, and that’s how it is not.” (Eckhart Tolle)

* “It is the work of intellectual understanding to recognize its limits and remind you that what you are is not a concept or an experience.” (Jean Klein)

* The source of understanding is an active element we may term an alive innerstanding, just as love knows itself only in the action of loving.

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