(46) LIVING HERE: A Brief History of the Timeless…kinda!

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I just watched a fine video of physicist Stephen Hawking, author of “A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME” and am inspired to post these few, random observations about the timeless. I must of course, declare here and now that I do not know anything – only a little about things- but am merely passing on some, perhaps inspired, pointers about the timeless that you may kinda like to sip, sniff and savor! And recognize for yourself.

Enjoy and be well friends!

*The ripples of Time – like a fragrant summer breeze – reveal themselves on the still surface of the Timeless

* We may perceive the timeless when we’re not busy thinking. In other words, the timeless may present itself when we’re not so engaged in believing our thoughts.

* Attention without intention – an open, empty spaciousness, allows the mind to rest in timelessness.

* The timeless has no qualities, no measures, no descriptions; it has a non-substantial being.

* The timeless is like a blank screen on which the expressions of time come and go.

* The non-dual timeless cannot be conceived; it cannot be apprehended by the conditioned, limited, memory-based mind.

* The timeless nature of Truth can only be hinted in words and ideals, ancient or contemporary.

* The timeless has no history, no past, no future; it is infinitely.

* What we are and this is – spirit – is timeless.

* Take a look at yourself in your mirror or your neighbors eyes: the timeless gazes through the eyes of time.

* Some astronomers say the edge of the observable time/space universe is apparently 91 billion light years away and expanding; the ‘edge’ of the timeless is here, now, always fully complete.

* While it cannot be conceived, the Timeless hum is sensed in the hearts of animals, humanity and all living things. The timeless may be felt in a look, seen in a touch, heard in silence.

* The infinite timeless finds its face in things, its’ feet in growth, its hands in expression and its voice in change.

* In our surrendered and quiet place, we know the unknown, we intuit the truth: we are that reality – the great I AM. Timeless.

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  1. Kathleen Sutherland says:

    Thank you; very beautiful!

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