(50) LIVING HERE: An Epiphany In Space

February 05, 2016 | | Comments 0
The earth seen from the moon.

The earth seen from the moon.

Edgar Mitchell on moon, 1971

Edgar Mitchell on moon, 1971

​On his return voyage, looking out the porthole at our blue Earth and the actual planets and stars floating in the vastness of space, the 6th man to walk on the moon, Edgar Mitchell, had an epiphany:
“That was an overwhelming sense of oneness,of connectedness,” he said in an interview years after the Apollo 14 three-man mission.
“It wasn’t them and us, it was,’That’s me.That’s all of it.It’s one thing.'”

cats eye nebula with 11 rings

cats eye nebula with 11 rings

Mitchell, ​(who died at 85 this week) ​left the US space agency Nasa in 1972 and set up the Institute of Noetic Sciences which aimed to support “individual and collective transformation through consciousness research”.
​* To truly see the moon (or anything else​ as it is​ for that matter) is to see and be overwhelmed by ​the immensity of ​reality.
(I heard Mitchell’s interview years ago on NPR. He said he could never forget not so much his moon walk as the
​wonderful ​realization he had on the return flight.)
Bon voyage,spirit, aka,”Edgar Mitchell”

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