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Life itself, and the living of it, has its natural challenges for food, clothing and shelter, but it does not have to be so psychologically stressful. If and when it is – which is often – perhaps the following four bottom-line observations may provide a little useful insight. Of course, these few pointers only touch lightly and conceptually upon the subject of our stress in everyday living; what’s important is to see for our self how stress gets its power to amplify and distort reality which leads to all kinds of unnecessary suffering and disease.

1. Our conditioned habits, cultural attitudes and personal preferences (ie.”good/bad” “right/wrong”) directly affect and shape the way we experience our life.

2. The primary source of psychological stress is resistance to what is. (ie. believing our thoughts and feelings that things ought to be other than they are)

3. One major way to reduce suffering is to see and ease off on Control; to Stop, Look and Listen directly to our inner impulses; to see exactly what is happening and how we’re resisting that event.

4. Indeed,”The truth will set you free.” Loving, non-judgemental seeing of what is, is the key; that recognition alone will dissolve stress and restore our natural well-being which is goodness, joy, love and beauty. In a word: gratitude.

Below is an announcement of an upcoming presentation on stress in Oakland, CA which my Nutritionist wife Alla and I are offering. If you live in the Bay area and would like to attend, please see below and let me know! Thank you and BE WELL!

(The Scream, by Munch, 1895)

(The Scream, by Munch, 1895)

Don’t miss this opportunity to join Alla Marinow (Holistic Nutritionist) & James Waite (Transformational Living Coach) of BE WELL! Natural Health and Well-Being and hosted by Earth Circles Counseling Center – 4 part evening seminars exploring hidden BODY, SPIRIT and CHANGE based Sources Of Stress.
We will explore a variety of health & mindfulness topics and solutions including:
 WHAT’S MAKING ME SICK AND TIRED? Brain fog, fatigue, energy crashes, aches
 DEPRESSION/MOOD CHANGES: Good / Bad mood foods & effects on the brain.
 OMG/GMO! BPA/MSG/FLAVORINGS! Chemical effects on the body & brain!
 WHAT’S HAPPENED TO MY WAISTLINE? Diets??!! Why can’t I lose weight?
 FOOD LABELS : Reading labels simplified – what is true and what is false
 MINDFULNESS & HEALTH- the role of habits and resistance in healing
 WHAT REALLY, ACTUALLY MAKES US HAPPY?- the nature of success
 RELATIONSHIPS & REALITY – what do we know about real love & living
 NATURAL WELL-BEING- Self knowledge & the ease of being our self

Where? EARTH CIRCLES, 166 Santa Clara Avenue, Suite 205, Oakland When? Monday Night: April 18, May 2, 16, 30 Time? 6:30-8:30 pm Cost? $10 per evening session
Advance Registration (seating is limited)
RSVP: e-mail or call/text: 530-701-5323
More Info:

(If you’re interested in exploring hosting an S.O.S EVENT please contact James or Alla @

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