(54) LIVING HERE: This too, is meditation.

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We are drawn to our self nature like…

​By relaxing our powerful desires and fears, our mind rests more and more in peace and real happiness. This is meditation.

Meditating, like loving , involves an active engaging in an unfiltered, unlabeled relationship directly with life that sometimes calls for an unknown courage.

Courage is the total abandonment of all resistance to what is.

The beauty of these and any words, is in the subtle or gross ways in which they present ideas about an underlying reality which all words verbally and symbolically re-present.

When the mind is kept away from its preoccupations, it becomes quiet.” Nisargadatta

Explore this present moment without believing the stream of thoughts about it and allow all things to be as they actually are.

We live well and truly with facts and not opinions.

“Heaven lies about us but men do not see it” Jesus

Discover how rich this really is – let the world and all its people, things and events be exactly as they are and you will live more and more at home in a conflict-free zone.

Peace does not come out of opposite thinking. An all embracing and inclusive peace comes only from peace.

Love, and be well! 🙂

There’s great beauty every day in decay

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