(65) LIVING HERE: This Beholding This.

June 01, 2018 | | Comments 0


It seems that time and space are objectively experienced
by the ‘six senses’ that may or may not, be delighting us just now! Still, we can be grateful and appreciate what a truly awesome embodied mystery all THIS is!

And… there’s the simultaneous BEHOLDING of all this:

Absent all sensual experience, (which we ‘personalize’ as “me, mine and yours”) there remains this constant ground – an all-encompassing, silent awareness, aware of itself – THIS.

THIS which attends the experience of thinking, seeing, feeling, touching, tasting, moving, talking, living, breathing – this oneness – of – self which we are. THIS beholding THIS, so to speak!
Here’s a fine way to experience a few (timeless) moments in time and space: 🙂

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