(66) LIVING HERE: “Time Is In The Timeless”

June 10, 2018 | | Comments 1

Time is in the Timeless.

Here’s this morning’s inspiration from “The Book Of Listening” by
Jean Klein:

“The moment when the seen brings you back to the seeing is a timeless moment when you live in your will feel clearly that there is no separation, that time is in the timeless.”

“Find yourself in the absence of objects (activity)..and you will feel activity (time) is in you but you (the timeless) are not in it. This activity is constantly purified; it is sacred at every moment.”

“This is enlightenment: where presence is constant, based in the timeless, presence in all activity.”

Btw, the picture is of a 13th century Italian tower that was repeatedly restored and finally ruined beyond restoration by an earthquake in the 21st century.

What ‘remains’ in time is the timeless – what we are. 🙂

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  1. steve rosen says:

    But what is this “Presence”? It is obviously not a thing, not an object… it the radical subject? That which sees? And it is said that everything arises in it….. is a live bird and a dead bird equal in this Presence? and “Find yourself in the absence of objects (activity)….” sound intriguing but I don’t know what this entails in on-the-ground practice,….precisely what is being pointed at here…..Thanks! Steve Rosen,Professor, Pref. Univ of Hiroshima

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