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[ simple truths, perhaps, dept. ]

(2010) ~ Why I write There is withinan urge that drips,An urging to releasethe confined meaning of wordsand ceaseless sighing.To free “freedom”from speculationsabout what it is. To explore that sadness of failure,that false gladness,that identity you’ve workedso longingly to construct,that fabrication of whatreal pleasure might be,that image so heavylong in its maintenance. And to truly […]

[ dancing all the way home, dept. ]

In loving aware experience, there’s wonder, beauty and grace. It’s all the movement of love, loving. It seems we’re moved and invited to grow and to keep growing without ever knowing. Being infinite. For me, these days, head and heart wholly include the gut, but the deepening here seems to best be described as ‘love, […]

[ beauty in the ordinary, dept. ]

~ Mind complicates; reality clarifies. In aware living, one rests in quietude and solitude as spirit, like love, does all the lifting, discovering and uncovering nothing but itself, fully. There’s no knowing, no knower, nothing known – just an amplitude, a borderless brilliance that is alert, living. Aware. Enjoy the beauty of being; allow a […]

[ the play of light, dept. ]

“To watch him play was to watch the delight of a child combined with the extraordinary grace of a man.”~ The above was said by Nelson Mandela, of world soccer great Pele, who passed on bodily, this December day. Indeed, the man called ‘Pele’ demonstrated what much of the human world recognized – not only […]

[ reality is not a word, dept. ]

It seems that legions of us live at home in our heads, in our ‘current working hypothesis’. In believing that we know, or will know, what’s ‘really going on,’ with more study and effort, yes? Me too, for yonks. 🙂 That’s all well and good enough it seems, for some. For some others, we’re still […]

[ gratitude is a gift, dept. ]

The gift of awareness, of being aware one is aware, is the supreme Christmas gift to your self. Indeed, to open and directly know your self as nothing and everything, is to simply recognize one is – here and now – unadorned divine awareness appearing as a limited human. There’s nothing to do to unwrap […]

[ a useful mind, dept. ]

The mind’s comparing and contrasting is a useful function for surviving re food, clothing and shelter. It’s the believing that mind is actually who one is, that starts the personalization of experience and its problems and sufferings. Lovingly watching the bling of the mind gives a space for directly knowing that what is watching is […]

[ more than you need to know, he did not tell, dept. ]

Life and the living of it is an amazing teacher, yes. Indeed, the man pictured here, waving in his doorway in Mumbai, India, is one of life’s teachings: Nisargadatta Maharaj. It seems he’d agree that life’s the real Master Teacher with – like him – a compelling way of presenting its ongoing series called, ‘Reality’. […]

[ you are not what you think, dept.]

BELIEFS ARE STORIES ABOUT REALITY.* All thoughts gain their power from our believing or not believing them. Of course, that power is given without awareness, from the totally conditioned unconsciousness we learned to think is ‘me’ and which operates – like a hand inside a glove – producing at least 85 percent of our daily, […]

[ no truth in words, dept. ]

Words – like all the products of the mind – may be useful symbolic pointers toward the recognition of ones inner nature, but they merely represent; they’re good servants but poor masters. All belief distorts what is; in quietude, allow the mind to simply relax; gently, openly look thru and beyond concepts and feelings. That […]