[ a beautiful emptiness, dept. ]

July 16, 2022 | | Comments 0
May be an image of bird and sky

~ Most of us do not learn from experience, we repeat experience. It is – in our mind and heart – who and what we think and believe we ‘personally’ are. That same ‘somebody’ called ‘me’. We live, move and have our being in faint fleeting pleasures and repeated-because-relived, sorrows – all based on yesterday’s experience, today…until, while perhaps resting in quietude and gratitude, one directly, simply, happens to see the obviousness of nonpersonal existence and an abiding, alert and aware self-nature that’s clearly not ‘me’.
~ Awareness looks thru and beyond all the senses, feelings, ideas and ideals – the changing objects of consciousness – that we conceive and believe we are. In aware living, we see we’re much more than the body/mind’s memories and anticipations, fears and desires. There’s a freshened delight in fully living, in actively learning; in alertly knowing that there’s no one who knows or needs to know.
There is only ‘knowing.’
A quiet knowing that knows nothing… other than itself: love. 🙂
[ in sum, so to speak, dept. ]

You’re the beauty in all creation,
the peace in undying love.
You’re life’s infinite invitation
enjoying the immensity of itself.

~ Act from love, and you’re good to go. 🙂

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