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All we really want is a little peace and quiet. That’s not too much to ask, right? How ’bout if the price for that peace is to allow everything to be as it is, like it or not? Seems Hell is when we don’t know the real value of things. Reality is unsparing in teaching us that, and that’s a good thing, yes. Indeed, Reality defies description.
In aware living, the daily operating mode is ‘we never know.’ In fine, we do not know, cannot control, cannot get, cannot keep, cannot make secure, this life we think we could, should and would, be living. That too, is a good thing we may or may not realize as such. 🙂
It’s also a good thing there’s nothing to do BUT LOVE, no way to get ‘here;’ indeed, we’re only and always timelessly, here…aren’t we? Obviously, we’re aware already.. who (or what) is reading these words here, now?
For some few of us, there’s a deep need to know that ‘who’ or ‘what;’ to enter into the peace and quiet of our natural habitat. That alert, actively present nowness of being; that stillness and contentment of sitting with a cupa beside a soft glowing fire, watching. It’s only in spacious quietude that the dust of conflicted living can settle and the clarity and beauty of this moment exactly as it is, dawns. It dawns without any effort from us, instantly or gradually.. when reality is unresisted and welcomed with open arms, hearts and eyes. With love.
Resting here, in simple loving awareness, there’s an allowing, a real forgiving, a letting go of imagined control and a deep abiding with a delight and wonder of it all. A clarity in not knowing and not needing to know. THAT UKNOWN is a celebration with our Self, in our self and by our self. That’s what we are – love, loving itself. The door to that love is found in quietude.
Sit, rest and simply watch all mind activities, events and sensations as they pass before the vast mirror of self awareness. Lovingly allow whatever comes to go. Stay as a spectator, watching a parade. In unattached looking and listening, we lovingly perceive and respond appropriately to the facts of our life as they present, here and now. Nothing is ignored, left out, denied; one meets and greets, what is, as it is. No stories, no opinions, no objections, no corrections and no apologies that come to mind, are entertained and believed. There’s a gentle, eased and immediate witnessing, seeing, observing of facts which are not personally freighted with ‘my’ desires and fears. That, and deep gratitude for the beauty of it all.
Meet yourself in peace and quiet, and have a loving day. 🙂

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