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I’d like to share a little walk with you. The other day, two friends and I were alternately strolling, loitering and walking randomly about our Berkeley ‘hood. It was a walk on a day not unlike any other day. You know, a full sky and a full town – up to the heavens and down to the earth. A fullness that we talked “long and long” about, (as my old friend Walt Whitman said many times in his poetic discriptions of dwelling in natural well-being).

A hereness that has a dense presence.

And a light, lightness of being,

A natural, still, fecund, prescience.

As we walked it seems there was a light spring to our steps – a gentle embracing…a disappearing of seperateness…a delighting in it all that is truly beyond even the wisest words.

Just before we parted to go back into our seemingly seperate lives, we talked about sharing some of these delights by email among our selves. So then, walking myself home a few hours ago, a little inspiration occured to me: “Why not share some of these “delights” not only with my local friends but also with my NDL Subscribers!..

And so, without further ado, here’s the first offering of “delights”. (Maybe more will get served up here in the NDL Delli – goodness! Who knows what might happen!)

*Delight is always and only found in this, here and now.

*Todays’ delight is rooted in the substantial perception of self, of spirit, of soul, of love, in its myriad expressions.

* Love is always recruiting.

* Our conditioned mind freights into this moment a long tail (tale) of entrained concepts that are believed. In other words, we see this actually fresh now from a conditioned, yesterday of attitudes and opinions stored in dead memory. This mind-made “reality” is OK – it has its uses – but all ideas are limited and fragmentary in their comprehension. They can only discribe; they cannot tell us what reality is.

* When we stop, look and listen, this timeless awareness which we are sees the nature of reality in space and time.

* All thought is mere verbalizing. It’s useful to see deeply – to not immediately, habitually, think and believe we know something that, in truth, is unknowable.

* Behind our core opinions is a deep fear that we may not know.

* Awareness looks at reality (perception) without any conception about it.

* When we see the mind is conflicted and that it is creating suffering, it’s because we’re insisting that something should be other than it is.

* And finally, here’s a long sagging country table full of home- cooked delights you may or may not have seen here on my blog called “Grace Notes” (below) Some of these may take longer to digest than others! Enjoy! And thanks for listening. And please feel free to drop me a line at if you have some “delights” you’d like to share here.


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