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[ no belief, no believer, dept. ]

What we infinitely are is veiled by an apparent believing in thoughts as being actually who we are and what we do, so to speak. We learn to believe as children. The clear sky of awareness becomes clouded with beliefs. An emerging mind-made ‘me’ seemingly appears; that newly minted ‘me’ is conjured out of a […]

[ finding your self apparently, without further delay, dept. ]

A LITTLE BOOK ON AWARE LIVING, AS IT HAPPENS. 🙂~ Introduction: Perhaps these days are a good time to really get close. To look inside a little closer and longer at what we’ve been conditioned to believe, and to allow our self to wonder if all that is necessary. In truth, what is necessary, after […]

[ normal aware living, dept. ]

In aware living, there’s a gentle quieting – usually first of the mind and then of the body; there’s a plain observing and delighting in, what is, as it is. That which is ‘watching’ is the changeless constant – awareness; the comings and goings are the flow of consciousness, so to speak. Awareness includes consciousness. […]

[ looking a little closer, dept. ]

THE CLARITY OF PEACE.One of the beautiful things about real, non-personal love is it acts without prejudice and its’ conflicts. In aware living, there’s a seeing of all the mind-generated ‘problems’ wholly, from love…that love includes what is, and rather than react from cultural, social, traditional conditioning – those ideas, ideals and feelings we habitually […]

[ watching is self-learning, dept. ]

* Today’s Delight presented itself this morning with tea; it’s a short report by J Krishnamurti on the brain’s seemingly endless problem-making and – in a rare ‘how to’ – K outlines how we can recognize the mind’s quiet nature. It’s loaded with insightful gems of a deep understanding not accumulated in memory as fragments […]

[ no beliefs, no problems, dept. ]

Concepts – words – merely describe and represent; they are always personal and cultural, and as such are totally conditioned; all conditioned thinking and feeling is driven by desires and fears in the individual and collective ‘mind’. Apparently, they’re all necessary and healthy and functional if not too distorted by…beliefs. Beliefs are mind-made ideas and […]

[ notable, dept. ]

..”experience” is what egos have it seems. In aware living, there’s no personal experience or experiencer, only a loving experiencing, – an awarenessing of consciousness, of perceptions, conceptions, sensations and appearances freshly arising now…so to speak 🙂

[ a wonderful leap, dept. ]

In aware living, we act not from unseen, inherited habits and age-old preferences and denials, but from a loving aware seeing of these built-in body/mind reactions. There’s a simple watching;a constant catching and releasing. In truth, there’s always a spacious letting go that’s ‘already done’ yes. Some say that’s the way love acts – it […]

[ the world we never know, dept. ]

So, what is the real world we seemingly step into every day? That’s the question we’re going to explore here a little, but first, there’s this caveat: I don’t know and no one does. Indeed, no one can tell us what’s real – reality is directly, immediately and comprehensively known only by itself. Indeed, it […]

[ seen and noted, dept. ]

* Absorbed in our daily reading and thinking, it seems we often turn our back on reality – the ‘heaven that lies around us’, yes 🙂* A life lived in pattern without rhythm is mere repetition.* Reality, aka, life, isn’t limited by personal thoughts and feelings we have about it. When we believe them, we […]