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[ seeing clear thru to the bottom of words and images, dept. ]

Let’s explore a few spiritual words like ‘Self,’ ‘knowing’ ‘love,’ ‘being,’ ‘mind’ and its attending ‘conflict’. Ah, words and images. Oh, how they convey, portray and betray yes? Indeed, words – religious or sectarian – are freighted with trainloads of heavy, accumulated meanings, intonations, indications, preferences and denials…they’re loaded and gain their ‘weight’ not so […]

[ no peace in mind, dept. ]

“Ideals and utopias offer means of escape from actually what is, which is, the human mind is violent. Let us face it, understand it, not in time, gradually, but actually look at it now, understand it very clearly. You can only understand it when the observer is not there because the observer is the very […]

[ the eye that beholds, dept. ]

There’s nothing good or bad in nature, taken in the whole. There is a need though, to directly see facts without personal, attitudinal bias. Duality. In fine, in awareness, facts are only actually seen if there is no person; no mind-made ‘opinion’ that’s personally conceived and believed. In aware living, there’s no person who believes; […]

[ a beautiful emptiness, dept. ]

~ Most of us do not learn from experience, we repeat experience. It is – in our mind and heart – who and what we think and believe we ‘personally’ are. That same ‘somebody’ called ‘me’. We live, move and have our being in faint fleeting pleasures and repeated-because-relived, sorrows – all based on yesterday’s […]

[ beliefs shape experience, dept. ]

Q: What is belief and how does it affect the way we live? Indeed, life’s big questions about belief can only be answered without outside authority, with deep, direct self-knowing yes. 🙂 That said, a belief is a ‘mind label’ that represents, symbolizes, reality. As children, the brain/mind is entirely conditioned with cultural, personal beliefs; […]

[ making it up as we go along, dept. ]

[ making it up as we go along, dept. ]It seems these days we’re getting – we are – sick and tired, perhaps, yes 🙂 and some are starting to look around a bit more, to wonder a little, perhaps. To getting closer to perhaps beginning to address inner experience, beliefs, desires and despairs, directly. […]

[ beyond the great divide, dept. ]

There is, in fact, no such thing as ‘separation’ in reality. But that misplaced truth doesn’t seem to keep us from thinking and believing contrariwise, so to speak. Let’s go straight to where all separation, conflicts and ‘problems’ arise: the personal mind – the Great Divider. That alone – albeit only symbolically, apparently, with words […]

[ the ending of contradiction is the beginning of paradox, dept. ]

“The state of not-knowing completely is attention.”~ J KrishnamurtiWhen we pause, look and listen, just for this moment, this now, spirit directly encounters the beauty of it all; we dwell in light and shade; we eat, drink, touch and taste deeply. Gratefully. We’re nourished and delighted by the miraculous; we fall silently into a fuller […]

[ awareness remains, dept. ]

** Here’s a note I’m going to squeeze into a bottle like Huck Finn, toss it in and let it bob along the mighty FB river.. it’s a note about things passing and never-passing, time and the timeless: To not be aware of the passing idles, dramas and storms, mental ticks and torments in our […]

[ in praise of light, dept. ]

There’s great beauty and delight in the quietude of everyday simplicity. Find a quiet place inside, sip a cuppa, sniff the air and savor this moment as it presents. No control. No controller. Let the mind run unattended a little, look around, relax and enjoy your beautiful self-nature: let things and thoughts be exactly as […]