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[ watching is self-learning, dept. ]

* Today’s Delight presented itself this morning with tea; it’s a short report by J Krishnamurti on the brain’s seemingly endless problem-making and – in a rare ‘how to’ – K outlines how we can recognize the mind’s quiet nature. It’s loaded with insightful gems of a deep understanding not accumulated in memory as fragments […]

[ no beliefs, no problems, dept. ]

Concepts – words – merely describe and represent; they are always personal and cultural, and as such are totally conditioned; all conditioned thinking and feeling is driven by desires and fears in the individual and collective ‘mind’. Apparently, they’re all necessary and healthy and functional if not too distorted by…beliefs. Beliefs are mind-made ideas and […]

[ notable, dept. ]

..”experience” is what egos have it seems. In aware living, there’s no personal experience or experiencer, only a loving experiencing, – an awarenessing of consciousness, of perceptions, conceptions, sensations and appearances freshly arising now…so to speak πŸ™‚

[ a wonderful leap, dept. ]

In aware living, we act not from unseen, inherited habits and age-old preferences and denials, but from a loving aware seeing of these built-in body/mind reactions. There’s a simple watching;a constant catching and releasing. In truth, there’s always a spacious letting go that’s ‘already done’ yes. Some say that’s the way love acts – it […]

[ the world we never know, dept. ]

So, what is the real world we seemingly step into every day? That’s the question we’re going to explore here a little, but first, there’s this caveat: I don’t know and no one does. Indeed, no one can tell us what’s real – reality is directly, immediately and comprehensively known only by itself. Indeed, it […]

[ seen and noted, dept. ]

* Absorbed in our daily reading and thinking, it seems we often turn our back on reality – the ‘heaven that lies around us’, yes πŸ™‚* A life lived in pattern without rhythm is mere repetition.* Reality, aka, life, isn’t limited by personal thoughts and feelings we have about it. When we believe them, we […]

[ a fresh bundle of small delights, dept. ]

Peace and joy are at the heart of all inspiration, yes. In that vein, here’s a randomly assembled collection that’s inspired me this morning; some of you may endure..ah, enjoy, these little candles too. It further occurs to me that this ‘fresh bundle of small delights’ is inspiring its own production here. πŸ™‚ as I […]

[ what is awareness really, dept. ]

Ah yes, paradox..again. Awareness is reality; reality is awareness. Reality has no subject with its object; it’s not personal, not egoic, not a concept; it never appears as anything ‘other’ than the constant ‘awareingness’ which it is, here/now. All that comes and goes is not real; that which we essentially, infinitely are – pure aware […]

[ being peace, making peace, dept. ]

Real peace lies in fully loving;in constantly letting things come and go;in letting all events happen as they willin the light of an alert awareness;in deeply enjoying life as it presents;in relating from the inside, out,and from the outside, in, in resting in undivided onenesswholly here, completely now. πŸ™‚

{ sunny spot with a quiet cuppa, dept. }

Visiting Voices: J C Tefft ~THE END OF SUFFERINGQUESTIONER: I have been a seeker for 30 years. I am 63, my father committed suicide when I was 19, and my best friend committed suicide when I was 18…[edited] My understanding, based on the teachings of non-duality teachers, is that the universe wanted to experience that […]