[ awareness & emptiness, noted, dept. ]

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[ awareness & emptiness, noted, dept. ]
It seems that ’emptiness’ (of self identity) is the first profound recognition in suddenly rediscovering one is actually pure life, living HERE; that renewed knowing is absolutely disturbing and life changing. On that timeless occasion, one can seem to find a ‘happy fullness’ exclusively in emptiness – it’s so apparently complete and there is no wanting for anything else. Life-long seeking falls away, and one feels totally, finally, here and complete.
In my case, that exclusive ‘celebration of emptiness’ lasted for well over two years, apparently. There follows, over the years, in time, the gradual aware inclusion and dissolution of the body/mind residues of conflicted thinking, feeling and believing one is a ‘me’ with its limited, personal conflicted illusions, angers, fears and frustrations, etc. etc. That psychological conditioning lightly lingers as one lives and moves in unknowing; one discovers a moving ‘back’ into aware, divine AND human relationships with the whole of life…the old reactions can present suddenly, surprisingly, in old brain activity.
Sometimes it seems I’ll ‘bark or growl’ 🙂 a little, ie resist, when a reaction button is pressed; that is seen, usually immediately, sometimes it takes longer for the, say, ‘anger’ to be fully allowed to pass like the wind. The permanent default setting remains as, in fact and function, one remains both empty of self and fully abiding in simply being.. peaceful, joyful and grateful. In aware living, our natural being is truly ‘beyond all understanding’. There’s a constant learning that’s not (usually) reactive, that responds and flows effortlessly and appropriately and harmoniously and curiously with the active present. That’s loving, and it totally satisfies, yes 🙂
Love. and be well.

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