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June 14, 2022 | | Comments 0
May be an image of 6 people and text that says 'In awareness, enjoy letting pass what passes'

** Here’s a note I’m going to squeeze into a bottle like Huck Finn, toss it in and let it bob along the mighty FB river.. it’s a note about things passing and never-passing, time and the timeless:
To not be aware of the passing idles, dramas and storms, mental ticks and torments in our heads and hearts, is to produce lots of our own, home-made, belief-driven suffering and – in simply not seeing the false as the false – to breed more suffering.
In alert awareness, in simply, openly, watching the minds movements, (no shame/no blame here.) we meet whatever seems to be incoming with love. With a peace that’s spacious, all embracing and totally sympathetic – self-compassionate – with the suffering that arises from ignorance ie. ignoring, our pure Self. With full acceptance here/now, even as, so to speak, the river of freighted ideas press and the welling feelings prod, we rest in stillness, in wonder.
We rest on a sandy bank, so to speak, freely watching and deeply enjoying all that’s passing. We live in the ease of being home; we let mostly everything come in the front door and keep the back door open too.. Let pass what passes; what remains is love, loving it all, yes 🙂

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