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May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'In awareness, we are freed from the bondage of the mind'

Q: What is belief and how does it affect the way we live?
Indeed, life’s big questions about belief can only be answered without outside authority, with deep, direct self-knowing yes. 🙂 That said, a belief is a ‘mind label’ that represents, symbolizes, reality. As children, the brain/mind is entirely conditioned with cultural, personal beliefs; some conditioning, like language, is necessary and functional, useful for relationships and getting around, etc. but the ‘psychological’ habitual reactions (angers, fears and desires) of the conditioned mind prejudge actual direct experience with traditional beliefs – labels about what is happening eg ‘good/bad,’ ‘right/wrong.’ There’s an apparent sorting and dividing of non-dual life (reality) by the mind that – when deeply believed – ‘apparently’ creates a ‘duality’ – a ‘personalization’ of experience where, in fact, in actual non-personal, aware experiencing, there is no duality. No beliefs, no believer. No fighter, no fight.
Nothing but love, loving, yes 🙂

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