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Nonduality and living -Finding our feet!


Leave your shoes at the door, step out and into the sun, dancing!

Nonduality Living  is a celebration, a stepping into life; a movement  in the truth of what we are. It’s an experience of  life touching life, a dance into Unknowing that  always  keeps us on our toes, finding our  feet!

 That is the dance!

Dancing this Dance introduces us to the whole body, mind and heart of our Being. Like any dance, Being  flows in its’ expression:  a graceful, natural movement of life  lived in the beauty of  truth, emerges.

This dance is not “my dance” or “your dance”, there is no “other” in this dance of life.  And to dance  it , is to discover it.    To see  into the limited, weighty mind, to pierce our personal “feelings” and expose the real heart; to surrender the ego and connect truth to truth, Self – to – Self.

This dance springs from here and rests here.  Here  is  the floor of our being.
We move  not as the dancer,  but as  spirit, dancing!

This blog is a celebration and an invitation to join me, to be a dance partner!   Please leave a comment here or email me  and lets take a whirl together!