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The best place to see God is in your garden. You can dig for him there.”      George Bernard Shaw.

Truth is not a hobby for our feel-good collection, although it may bring solace. Nor is it spiritual entertainment, although it may bring delight.  It’s  not a luxury we can truly live without, even if we think we can.

To restore the whole Self, the medicine of truth must be taken whole…undiluted.

Truth is not what we make it –it’s not philsophical, religious or even “spiritual”, but of the spirit.

There is no fear in Truth, though there is usually fear of  truth.

We think we know, and our thought creates our “reality”. Truth itself, is always disguised by ideas about it. 

Truth is not knowable; it cannot be conceived by our mind or apprehended by our senses. It is perceived, and that real perception cannot be discribed; it remains unknowable  and yet,  subtly, known.

Truth is known deep inside as pure, uncaused joy. It is always aware, awake, alive.

 Joy is Love  –  the ground of all being, the highest truth. We are it, and it is not personal. It IS.

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