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September 12, 2022 | | Comments 0
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One of the wonders in everyday, alertly aware living, is that if one wanders into a small crowd say, at the Saturday market, and simply, clearly, looks and listens directly – allowing the mind chatter to pass without attaching, without pre-judging – one is surprisingly and even frequently, delighted to spot – here and there, in fleeting observations – the many expressions of our common, loving nature in play and in all kinds of little, often unseen, scenarios; in passing glances, nods and waves, in cameo glimpses of affection, in the gentle clasping or pressing of hands and in sundry subtle smiles and gestures, now here, now there. These sightings nourish and restore us like a sunny day, and they’re happening more than many of us care to notice. Love’s in play every day, any day, when we sincerely, choicelessly, attend what’s happening now.

In awareness, there’s an immediate unfiltered and non-personal experiencing of the beauty of it all. In fine, one lives and moves in this silence as knowing/being/loving itself.
“When the mind is completely silent, it is whole, complete. It is not functioning in fragments – there is no division as silence and noise, being quiet and having a life of turmoil, this and that. In that state, in that quality of silence, there is no division whatsoever. In that silence, thought can never bring about fragmentation, but thought can function out of it.”
~ J Krishnamurti

Love, and be well. 🙂

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