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 Grace is always given when we allow it to enter the space usually occupied by believing the mind. 

 Our mind is a distracting illusion that obscures what we truly are. Or, in the vernacular: “Mind mists our glasses. Grace wipes ’em clean!”

Our mind is innocently mis-taken for who we are.  We are graced when we hear but no longer believe the voice in our head that says ” I am my mind.”

Grace is not an experience. Experience is always in and of  the past. It is over already, stored in the morgue of our memory.

We get over dead experience when we realize that  what we are is this vitality we call ” life “ experiencing itself only here, and only now.  Grace is the experiencing of Grace, constantly.

In our human relationships, Grace is  action  that’s natural to the moment.

When all believing comes to rest in stillness, all that remains is Grace.

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