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March 17, 2022 | | Comments 0
May be an image of one or more people, footwear and text that says 'A dropped note on life and death In cwareness, We note how beautifully spirit regenerates out OT itself )'

All of our life-long conditioning does nothing more than conceptualize and personalize experience…unless and until it seems we’re driven to deep inner seeking with questions like “What is really going on here?” or ” Who am I really?” For some, in their search, finally, there’s a giving up, a denial of all beliefs, a cessation (Nirvana means ‘cessation’) A revelation, so to speak.
One of the things that ‘happens’ when there’s the direct recognition of one’s actual, infinite, unborn being – beyond the born body/mind and its obvious, inevitable death – is that all fear belonging exclusively to the body/mind, wondrously disappears. What remains is a solid, non-personal ‘knowing’ that all of humanity is, in fact, in spirit, deathless, having never been born. Knowing this beyond mind-generated doubt and philosophy – that nothing we truly, really are, dies – one can bring deep love and compassion to all passing relationships. In knowing the self deeply, we come to rest in the profound peace of awareness. Love really 🙂

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