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May be an image of 1 person, body of water and text that says 'Fighting IS SLIPPERY WHEN NET FLOODING peace'

In truth, we’re walking each other home.


It seems passion is about as rare these days as peace. Turns out though that the two are the one, of course. Passion and compassion (loving) arises from peace. From our deepest urge for peace. Peace is the absence of conflict – not in the world out there, but in the ‘world’ in there – the one in our head that we think and suspect we live in, kinda. The ‘world’ we need to believe we know.

Passion is beyond the personal, it’s never tinged with need, with anger, fear and regret. In aware living there’s a kind of freedom that’s deeply passionate, that burns softly like a pilot light that’s infinitely fueled by life itself.
Here’s a fine representation of the kind of ‘passion’ that’s free from illusion; JK’s commentary is direct here; he passionately points clearly for those of us with an earnest eye, and kindles a real passion for life right here – as it is – simple, plain and obviously wonderful, yes 🙂
“In passion there is no demand and therefore no struggle. In passion there is not the slightest shadow of fulfilment, therefore there can be neither frustration nor pain, Passion is the freedom from the “me”, which is the centre of all fulfilment and pain. Passion does not demand because it is, and I am not speaking of something static. Passion is the austerity of self-abnegation in which the “you” and the “me” is not; therefore passion is the essence of life. It is this that moves and lives. But when thought brings in all the problems of having and holding, then passion ceases. Without passion creation is not possible.”

Questioner: What do you mean by creation?
Krishnamurti: Freedom.
Q: What freedom?
K: Freedom from the “me” which depends on environment and is the product of environment – the me which is put together by society and thought. This freedom is clarity, the light that is not lit from the past. Passion is only the present. “

** Enjoy the freedom in simply being your peaceful self, here and now; love and be well – find that quiet place inside, over by any window where the light gets in, yes 🙂

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