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March 04, 2023 | | Comments 0

~ Ultimately, in realizing one actually lives in – and is – the unknown, we’re free to not already know, to not need to know; to stop dissecting a frog and pretending we know what a frog is, so to speak. Free to abide aware and unattached to any and all phenomena that appears and disappears in awareness. An alert, alive awareness that is our common nature and which is deeply recognized in peace, as peace; its action is in loving and letting go.

In full timeless, choiceless living, there’s no supposed historical ’cause and effect’ operating now with its stories, speculations and strategies about becoming, reaching and achieving some end goal that mind endlessly fabricates about having reached, achieved, become, in time and space. That’s the mind’s limitation.

Timeless love is a constant quiet celebration, a delighting and wondering that’s always curiously exploring only one thing: this moment, here and now, as it is… not only in the head or even in the heart (that’s all passing) but in the immensely profound mystery of there actually being awareness at all.

Indeed, unsurpassed awareness is all the peace and identity we seek and are.. already. There’s no real loss of anything, including identity. The apparent ‘person’ and his ‘world’ was and is unreal, having no substance. Awareness is reality; after all’s said and done, it alone remains.

Awareness has its own identity; its human expression is intimate with and as, life itself. In aware living, the human loses only its limitations; we’re free to meet and greet all experience openly with an unconditional ‘yes’ that arises from constantly letting go. In ever deepening self-knowing, there’s joy in being awake and loving it all as is – whatever ‘it’ is, it’s not personal. It is unknown, unmeasurable, beyond body/mind’s knowing. It’s the root source of real identity – the present peace, contentment and happiness one is, now. 🙂

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