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June 05, 2022 | | Comments 0
May be an image of flower and indoor

There’s great beauty and delight in the quietude of everyday simplicity. Find a quiet place inside, sip a cuppa, sniff the air and savor this moment as it presents. No control. No controller. Let the mind run unattended a little, look around, relax and enjoy your beautiful self-nature: let things and thoughts be exactly as they appear. Let them come, let them go. No blame, no blamer.

In aware living, there’s a seeing of nonpersonal facts; there’s a somewhat clumsy and sometimes graceful flowing like a leaf in a pond; there’s an aware response to facts that change like the wind, and the flow can seem bumpy with fast rapids. There’s a loving watching, an ample awareness that’s in fidelity – with and as – reality. Out of inner harmony, everyday wonder and delight (pun intended) arises, yes 🙂

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