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August 01, 2021 | | Comments 0

Wouldn’t it be nice just to rest in not knowing and in not needing to know; in not needing to be someone we imagine that really knows? Real understanding is found only in self-knowing – in recognizing our abiding awareness. In an innercasting of our attention – instead of seeking ‘outside’ for happiness, we stop and turn around in our tracks to take a look at the looker, so to speak.
Understanding is the seeing of what is. It’s a direct recognition of the obvious, the immediate fullness of now, aka that which is real.
It ‘happens’ simply, in releasing resistances in head, heart and body AS THEY APPEAR; in deepening peace and quietude; in casually detached, lovingly watching all passing thoughts and flowing feelings. There’s a gentle allowing, a resting in what we enjoy – the peace of our nature.
THAT wholeness which is watching is not a mental or emotional ‘understanding’ – it’s includes all that and is beyond the mind; it is not a concept or a sensation; it is what we are at source – whatever that is, it’s wonderful, yes 🙂

Real understanding and wonder happens with detached, loving watching of thought and feelings.

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