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May 26, 2022 | | Comments 0
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One of the beautiful things about real, non-personal love is it acts without prejudice and its’ conflicts. In aware living, there’s a seeing of all the mind-generated ‘problems’ wholly, from love…that love includes what is, and rather than react from cultural, social, traditional conditioning – those ideas, ideals and feelings we habitually bring to personalize and label what we think we’re experiencing (‘likes, hates, loves’) – we meet the moment from the clarity of peace.
That may include any act that comes from love, that intends no harm, knowing as we do, that there’s no need to control, only to love.
In deep self-inquiry, in quiet moments, we may see this, and much more. We may see that there’s one primary ’cause’ of conflicts psychological, domestic and international: mind-made beliefs. In fine, it’s thoughts – believed – that separate and divide…seemingly, but not really, like a map is not the territory. When we see the false, the truth remains; we are all One consciousness. One breathing, living spirit. Love all and act from there, and all is well, yes 🙂

** Here’s a splendid video rendering of four Alan Watts audio snips woven together to make a fine tapestry called The Secret Of Life – thanks to email’s “Daily Inspiration”.
Who knows, perhaps some more ‘snips” will appear here throughout the day. Meantime, I’m off to hike the woods, reminded by a yellowed note at my elbow: gone, with my boots, walkies… Enjoy your self. 🙂

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