LOVE AND BEING with Guest Teacher Nirmala

December 30, 2013 | | Comments 0
Seeing our natural being - that is love.

Seeing our natural being – that is love.

These last days of the year 2013 are a good time to reflect not so much on what has passed in Time, but what does not pass. In that regard, the other day I was gratefully contemplating reality and friendship, returning to the perpetual themes of sharing this love and being, when the article below popped into my e-box. It was by Nirmala – a real friend that, like most of my “friends”, I have never physically met. Still, we meet, we touch and are touched; we know and share this knowing in our being, don’t we?

Nirmala speaks beautifully about our illusions and what really motivates us to change and grow. I was moved to share this clarity and wisdom with my NDL readers, and am delighted to present it here with his permission, along with my thanks and best wishes for a deeply fulfilling 2014: May we all have the courage to love, and to let its action motivate us to share this long love affair we’re having with our Self.

You Might as Well Enjoy Enjoying Yourself – from Nirmala’s Blog on

Q: I see everything as an illusion. We create our own reality. Everybody’s movie is different from everyone else’s. I’m wondering if one’s experience is independent from other’s, what is my motivation to keep going on? I’m always questioning myself whether every experience & conversation is real. And how can I change my reality in order to have other experiences in this play?

A: My favorite definition of illusion is that illusion is something real that appears to be something other than what it really is. The smoke and mirrors that a magician uses to create an illusion are real smoke and real mirrors.

So this illusion that appears as “you” and “your life” is not what it appears to be, but it is still real. Yes, it is a magic trick being done by the Being or consciousness that you are, and yet the illusion is also made of that same Being. So the illusion is as real as the Being creating it. However, because Being is the doer of the trick, the place you will find true motivation is in the Being behind the illusion.

This true motivation of Being is that it loves each and every one of its creations. That is its motivation, it creates because it loves to create and it loves the creations/illusions it creates. If you can find that place in you that already loves your life and everything in it, that will also be the place where you find the motivation to keep going and the power to change what is happening.

However, that motivation might be very different than what you imagine it to be, again because it already loves everything just the way it is. So any change it creates will not come from a place of desire or unhappiness. It is creating and always will create from a place of total acceptance and curiosity. It does not change things to make them better, it changes them only to try something different and therefore to have something new to love. It loves and loves and loves, so every new experience/creation is a new opportunity to love.

What would you create purely out of the joy of creating? And yet even more importantly, what are you creating right now? What is happening right now? Whatever is happening is what you are creating right now, and that is what your Being is enjoying immensely. I often say Being is a total slut for experience, it will sleep with any and every experience that comes along. Find that indiscriminate love within yourself, and then find out how a conscious experience of that love likes to create. Being conscious of the creative joy of Being adds more depth and richness to the joy, but it is the same joy you have always had in the creation of this illusion called life. You might as well enjoy enjoying yourself!

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