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October 09, 2022 | | Comments 0
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What a year yes. Beautiful, and.. not so much. But still, through storm and flood, thunder and blood, there’s always been the candles, those little lights of love. Often, even in the pictures and reports of disaster and despair, if we look closely with love, we may also see love in action. We need look no further than the images and pictures in the daily News to see those ‘candles’ of mercy bringing their light into the darkness of suffering, into the streets, stores, offices, hospitals, homes, hearts and heads where we live.

In lovingly, alertly looking, in fully accepting, we may see without judgement, without preference, a fuller spectrum of man’s inhumanity, humanity and divinity. What arises then is something we may call ‘compassion’ – a ‘suffering with” the trials and travails of our self and supposed ‘others.’
In aware living, there’s a looking and seeing from what we are: love. There’s no preference, no denial. All that presents itself to its Self, is welcome to come.. and go. Love doesn’t seek to hold, grasp, confine and control. In its freedom, it frees.

In the midst of conflict and suffering, poverty and pain, mankind’s innate goodness is also there; it’s demonstrated in the tales that pictures tell; we see it when we see the stress in peoples eyes, when we feel the suffering and offer a hand or a prayer; when we gratefully note and thank those emergency workers who are attending, helping, repairing and inspiring – yes, bringing a little light to dispel anxiety and fear on those darkest of dark days.

The news pictures portray the nature of a humanity that’s obviously not ‘perfect’. Indeed, “perfect” is just a word. In non-personal reality, life neither functions nor malfunctions – it does whatever, whenever; it moves fast then slow; it suddenly turns sharply then mysteriously swings back again in “curves and round-a-bouts” as the Brits say about driving on their imperfect roads. Indeed, there’s nothing so rigid, predictable and determinately dull if not dead, as perfection.

‘Perfection’ is a word, not a fact. It’s a word vaguely indicating an ‘ideal’ condition which you and I may agree or disagree is ‘perfect’. Our perfect is personal, yes.
Indeed, only the Whole is perfect, not the parts. What we fully are is perfectly whole and entire; love, peace, joy and beauty are not words, symbols, fragments, memories, hopes, dreams and delusions.

In fine, we are the candles bearing light to our Self and the world each and every day. What we are matters; what we do shines, brings healing, comfort and consolation, if not always delight. Shine on: love all and all is well 🙂

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