[ making it up as we go along, dept. ]

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May be an image of 2 people, people standing and text that says 'What we believe we are produces our private, personalized experience of reality What we truly are IS spintitf itself: alert awareness, pure experiencing without belief'

[ making it up as we go along, dept. ]
It seems these days we’re getting – we are – sick and tired, perhaps, yes 🙂 and some are starting to look around a bit more, to wonder a little, perhaps. To getting closer to perhaps beginning to address inner experience, beliefs, desires and despairs, directly. To (always lovingly) look and see yourself what’s really going on. Perhaps to see the ‘What Is’ stuff that we’re all having to learn about for planetary survival, perhaps. It seems we’re being collectively driven to actually deal with the facts of our conflicted and conflicting, experience; to recognize there’s no peace in war – in our heads, hearts and homes. That’s where pain and self-compassion comes in. Indeed, all pain is a call for attention. That is self. Love itself.
Peace is the absence of struggle.
Peace is our nature.
Our nature is goodness.
Love is what we do.
~ “There is nobody to answer questions, even though you may ask the right question. In the right question itself is the answer. If you ask of another and accept what they say, you have become a foolish person – then you live on faith and hope, and therefore you invite despair, anxiety and fear. But as you are walking, moving, acting, you discover for yourself the whole meaning of existence. That can be discovered only when there is the state of observing, listening, never resisting, never suppressing, never defending. Because when the mind is vulnerable, when the brain is no longer the animal – the animal being greed, envy, ambition, aggression, violence – when it is no longer that, it is capable of listening totally, and therefore discovering and seeing for itself. What you discover is not what you want to discover.” ~ J Krishnamurti

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