How can I help? That’s the question I put here to my Self. And the answer is “ I don’t know…maybe somehow!”
This whole blog is an exploration – a probe into the unknown. I do know that there’s no teacher or teaching,
and ultimately, no one and nothing to do or know outside of who you are.

It’s kinda like this:
Question: “________________________?”

Answer: “ I don’t have the answer, but you do. So find out for yourself. If you are sincere and really
keep opening to the whole truth, you will come to know who you are and what this is.”
If I can help in some way to clarify and point you toward That, please contact me at

I invite you to let me know not what’s in your head; so much as what rings true in your deepest experience,
and we’ll see what happens!

“Your nature is happiness. You say that this is not apparent.
See what obstructs you from your true being…
The obstruction is the wrong identity.
Eliminate the error.
The patient himself must take the medicine to
cure the illness.”

Ramana Maharshi