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I’d like to share some “delights” my friend John Greer sent (below) and also issue a second invitation to San Francisco bay area NDL readers to a 6 part series on NATURAL WELL-BEING & AGING starting Sun. Sept. 9 here in Oakland, CA

(More Meeting details are posted on NDL home page)

And now this, from John:

Hi, James.
…several weeks ago you wrote a very kind and generous review for my book, Seeing, Knowing, Being. (see: NDL home page) Since then, I visit your wonderful website occassionally. And today, I checked out the Deli Delights. Short and pithy, like your Grace notes, I found it all very enjoyable. I also read some of your poetry and enjoyed it as well.

I have been doing a similar kind of thing on Twitter, with its limit of 140 characters. I have also been sharing haiku I have written on Twitter. It seems to be a perfect venue for them. As you no doubt know, there are a lot of folks out there who share our vision, and the exchange is frequent and enjoyable.

I thought you might be interested to see some of recent tweets and haiku I have put out there:

This is the realm of the holy, the sacred. We are not bystanders by the river of life; it is what we are.

Spiritual realization does not take one to some distant otherworldly realm, but back to the suchness of the present moment, to “just this.”

Reading or writing haiku can pull us out of our fast forward lives and open our awareness to the wonder and miracle of being alive.

on the overpass / the tires / change their tune
a weed / high above the thoroughbreds / catches the early sun

stone in my shoe . . . / so small / to feel so big
pristine morning / thoughts of yesterday / block the view

James, I so appreciate the time and effort you put into your wonderful website. It is a service to us all. I believe we share a very similar view of life and it is a joy to connect with you this way.

Thank you for all you do.

All the best,

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