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August 12, 2021 | | Comments 0
May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'In silence, the mind is transformed'

There’s no need to stop thought. Let the brain chatter as it will – it has to move and you cannot control thoughts. There’s no need, just never mind them – if you don’t resist they won’t persist. Lovingly, non-judgmentally, watch like you’re a welcoming hotel host
watching the lobby traffic coming and going through revolving doors.

The secret to living in peace is to not resist whatever is actually happening. If it’s raining inside or outside, don’t fight it; struggle does nothing but create more struggle. Simply, immediately, see ‘what is’, and respond appropriately. If it’s raining, step out of the rain, find a sunny little sunny spot in quietude and/or use an umbrella yes 🙂

Living alertly aware, well and truly, is about fully letting things be and fully letting things go, continuously; fresh and abundant living is solely about attention to this living moment only, here and now – the rest is not happening – it’s imagination yes 🙂

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