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What we infinitely are is veiled by an apparent believing in thoughts as being actually who we are and what we do, so to speak. We learn to believe as children. The clear sky of awareness becomes clouded with beliefs. An emerging mind-made ‘me’ seemingly appears; that newly minted ‘me’ is conjured out of a particular culture’s beliefs; it’s the basic mental, physical, emotional and psychological conditioning one innocently absorbs as a 2-4 year old discovering verbalized distinctions that personalize experience. There’s an initiation in becoming, in time, a somebody who does something. In this slowly believed self- identity ‘we’ apparently learn we’re ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ growing up in a supposed world that’s thought to be pleasant occasionally but which is experienced as almost always threatening in oh so many ways.


That which is ultimately knowing the experience of reading these words now is not a “you” or a “me’; it is non-personal awareness. It’s a self-aware ‘knowing’ that’s akin to love, with or without any thoughts, sensations and perceptions appearing and disappearing in it. There’s no knower, nothing to know, nothing to need. Indeed, awareness is peace. In direct aware knowing, there’s infinite joy. 🙂

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