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It was raining heavily, I stepped outside, popped my umbrella and entered the colorful flow of  umbrellas bobbing along the sidewalk. Half an hour later the sun was out, I folded my umbrella and sat outside in the sunshine at  my favorite cafe watching with a gentle amusement as many of the same  people passed – with their eyes closed and their umbrellas open! I’ve often done that  dance! It’s so human to find ourselves out of step with reality.

Indeed, we find our self, rain or shine, automatically reacting in the same ways to conditions that are changing faster then we realized.  

We’re hooked up to believe not what we are actually experiencing, but what we think  we’re experiencing. Our conditioned and conflicted mind interprets reality according to an already  passed experience of it. We function moment to moment in  our  memories. We miss what is happening now. Our individual, personal “life” is simply our concepts about it.

Life itself has no such illusions. While our minds tell us otherwise, and  continually substitute a stored experience rather then the fresh aliveness we’re living, that spirit –that life-force which we are, never quite buys it!

In truth, the eternal sunshine of our being is always shining!

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