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September 19, 2022 | | Comments 0
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~ I have three hiking notes at my elbow; they were taken on my frequent stops along Cowichan valley trails on Vancouver Island, and they’re now stuck here beside my computer to delight and perhaps inspire a little writing:
‘There’s awareness here and now only.’
‘Awareness is not what we think it is.’
‘awareness is simply obvious.’
Well, perhaps you’ll enjoy reading the following, rather condensed, renderings on ‘Awareness’ as much as I did whilst musing and writing about it. 🙂

* Awareness does not need an object, it is aware in and of and by, itself. Objects appear and disappear in it. Awareness is not an idea or ideal or an object. It is aware of all living experience – it’s that alive energy field that is an unchanging constant presence ‘behind’ the ever changing movements, sensations and vibrations that one is obviously experiencing now – the breathing, sighing, the sniffles, smells, itches and myriad mind-made comments and complaints of the body/mind we believe is ‘me’ and ‘you’…self and other.

We speak of Awareness as seemingly different and separate from experience only to point out its initially very subtle nature, and to help us to glimpse it as independent of all experience. This instant ‘seeing’ apparently happens (as it did in my ‘story’) when we’re in a quiet, deeply grateful and empty place/space. Empty of ‘me’. Fully aware. It seems we need to allow an inner resting in those quiet dark back waters to discover we are the peace of awareness itself, already. 🙂

In aware living, one lives choicelessly, harmoniously, freshly, lightly, easefully and happily. (at least, Usually – but we never know when there might be some sudden attachment to a triggered reaction – it happens and there’s a dropping of the attachment usually immediately or a little later, like it’s a hot coal.) In simple aware living there’s a grounding in peace and quiet. In fact, that’s the being-nature of awareness – it’s what awareness is: P&Q. All experience is pervaded by unattached awareness; but pure awareness – unlike experience – does not need the objects of experience to know itself. Only awareness is aware. It’s what we infinitely are: love.
Love all, and all is well. 🙂

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