[ more than you need to know, he did not tell, dept. ]

Life and the living of it is an amazing teacher, yes. Indeed, the man pictured here, waving in his doorway in Mumbai, India, is one of life’s teachings: Nisargadatta Maharaj. It seems he’d agree that life’s the real Master Teacher with – like him – a compelling way of presenting its ongoing series called, ‘Reality’. […]

[ you are not what you think, dept.]

BELIEFS ARE STORIES ABOUT REALITY.* All thoughts gain their power from our believing or not believing them. Of course, that power is given without awareness, from the totally conditioned unconsciousness we learned to think is ‘me’ and which operates – like a hand inside a glove – producing at least 85 percent of our daily, […]

[ no truth in words, dept. ]

Words – like all the products of the mind – may be useful symbolic pointers toward the recognition of ones inner nature, but they merely represent; they’re good servants but poor masters. All belief distorts what is; in quietude, allow the mind to simply relax; gently, openly look thru and beyond concepts and feelings. That […]

[ awareness & emptiness, noted, dept. ]

[ awareness & emptiness, noted, dept. ]It seems that ’emptiness’ (of self identity) is the first profound recognition in suddenly rediscovering one is actually pure life, living HERE; that renewed knowing is absolutely disturbing and life changing. On that timeless occasion, one can seem to find a ‘happy fullness’ exclusively in emptiness – it’s so […]

[ the story ends, dept. ]

There’s a common thread with different colors in all our spiritual sojourning it seems. ๐Ÿ™‚ I ‘believed my mind would supply the answers to the truth I became obsessed with and which pushed and prodded me in my early forties. I spent decades of devoted seeking in extensive daily studies and travels to spiritual centers […]

[ what can one know, really, dept. ]

Q: It’s apparent that we cannot actually know what anything is, we can only know our concepts. Mind cannot capture it. Science seems to ‘progress’ by breaking things up and naming every fragment as though it were separate. Is there actually such a thing as ‘reality’ or is there no such thing as I have […]

[ surprise in the unknown, dept. ]

It’s gently raining and the delicate drops flow and tinkle melodiously down the drain pipe near my open window. The light outside is soft wet greens and misty grays; the three story high forest of needled trees fifty feet away wave and beckon me to step out and to step into, nature. We’ll see if […]

[ speaking of awareness, dept. ]

Ah, awareness – here we enter mind’s contradictions and reality’s paradox. Awareness is nothing one thinks and believes it is. The dual mind cannot directly know what it can only – perhaps eloquently – picture and verbally describe, symbolize, represent. Awareness is reality; reality is awareness. Reality has no subject with its object; itโ€™s not […]

[ fear and loathing is a belief, dept. ]

The root of all allusion, delusion and confusion is belief. To ‘believe’ requires a believer; a ‘someone’ conceptually, theoretically separated out only by the conditioned mind; a somebody that describes and comes to believe its own conceptual imaginings – it’s castings of good/bad, right/wrong, define and confine almost all of our daily experience. Mind gets […]

[ love comes knocking, dept. ]

What a year yes. Beautiful, and.. not so much. But still, through storm and flood, thunder and blood, there’s always been the candles, those little lights of love. Often, even in the pictures and reports of disaster and despair, if we look closely with love, we may also see love in action. We need look […]